This is my Blood Poster

This is my Blood (2018) – Director

A Tale of Parochial Assassins.

My Thoughts on the Film

This was my first film I’d directed as part of the 48 Hour Film Challenge in Glasgow. This is an event were teams of filmmakers get given a Character name, line of dialogue, prop and genre and are told to make a film over the course of 48 hours.

My team was “Craig’s Carpool”, so named because I had originally intended the group to consist of the four people I would at that time be driving to University every week. In the end it was only me and C.J. Lazaretti from that original group that were in the team, so the team name was made redundant.

After getting the respective prompts on the Friday night (a character called Jessie Cutler, a prop Marble, Spy/Thriller as a Genre and the line “Is it supposed to be purple?”), we sat down as a team for about an hour as we came up with a story. I then went home and wrote the script till about 2am.

Production took place in St Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church between 8:30am and 10:30pm on the Saturday. It was a great shoot. Jasmine had got me four lovely actors to work with and the crew were very easy to work with.

C.J. edited the film overnight on Saturday and in the morning I gave him my thoughts for the final touches.

Unfortunately, because there were some exporting problems, the film was not submitted in time for it to be eligible for being competitive. It was still sent in before 9pm so it was screened in Glasgow Film Theatre which was a good experience.

The film is way too complicated. I continuously bite off more than I can chew, but this story is hard to follow even to the point of parody.

I’m very pleased with the performances and cinematography, though the sound is somewhat lacking.

This was the first film I had C.J. edit for me and I am so glad I have someone like this as my resident cutting boy.

Jasmine acted as producer and effectively my assistant director and did a great job at cracking the whip.

I see This is my Blood as an essential stepping stone in this ridiculous journey. It might not be great, but I was able to complete a project in effectively 49 1/2 hours.


Deborah is an assassin posing as a Priest-in-training.

Little does she know that pretty much everyone else in the church is an assassin.


Written & Directed by
Craig Andrew Robertson

Produced by
Jasmine Lindemann

Cinematography by
Calum Menzies

Sound by
Joseph McCawley

Film Editing by
C.J. Lazaretti

Elliott Osmond

Hugh MacDonald

Cast (in order of appearance)
Abbie McIntosh as Danielle/Deborah
Alwyn/Andrew – Michael Lynch as Alwyn/Andrew
Phil McGregor as Jordan Baker
Naomi Delvin as Jessie Cutler

With Special thanks to our location
St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Newlands
and to
The University of the West of Scotland
for the provision of equipment

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