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Sam (2016) – Director

My Thoughts on the Film

I joined the BFI Film Academy in 2015 and there met three people. Emma Malins, Calum Menzies and Sophie Buxton. This was the group I joined when the class was divided between those who wanted to make a dark-themed film and those who wanted to make something a bit lighter.

Having just come off of How to Read Lips, I thought I should do something lighter. This “Light Side” Group brainstormed and came up with a film about the expectations society has for women. Emma spawned this story and it became Sam.

While How to Read Lips feels more “pure”, in that it was 100% my film with no filtering, this is in every way a more refined beast.

Working with this four-person team, Emma as my 1st AD and later co-director, Calum on camera, and Sophie as the lead, I finally had the courage to let my guard down a bit. I became a bit better as a person and certainly a collaborator during the course of making this picture.

Personally, I view this film as the rounding off of a trilogy. I think that ultimately, Boiling PointHow to Read Lips and Sam are feminist movies with a message on sexual equality, though I certainly didn’t intend it at the time.

My only regret looking back is that I didn’t have more time to make this film. We had about 4 shoot days and 4 edit days, each not quite long enough and I was always not patient enough to get quite the right moment.

Other than that, this is a film which I’m genuinely proud of. Not only am I pleased with the end product, I’m so grateful for it introducing me to my crew, who are now very close friends to me.


On the day before Prom, Samantha (Sam) Rhodes has still not bought a dress much to the bemusement of her best friend Debbie, her Mum and her sister.

We follow Sam over the course of an afternoon as she continues to put off buying the dress by any means necessary.

On her journey, she is exposed to the expectations put upon men and women.

In the end she does finally get something to wear. She turns up to Prom. And she is wearing a suit.


Accepted Into:

  • Loch Ness Film Festival


  • Best Live Action, 13-19 years” Film at the Scottish Youth Film Festival 2016


A Film made with the BFI Academy in Aberdeen.

Directors: Craig Andrew Robertson & Emma Malins

Writers: Craig Andrew Robertson, Emma Malins, Calum Menzies & Sophie Ellen Buxton

Director of Photography: Calum Menzies

Production Designers: Emma Malins & Calum Menzies

Editor: Calum Menzies

Costume Designer: Emma Malins

Casting: Craig Andrew Robertson, Emma Malins and Calum Menzies

Sound: Les Taylor

Camera Consultant: Paul Gavin

“Timberdoodle” Composed by Lewis Williams

Sophie Ellen Buxton as Sam
Kirsten Gair as Debbie
Angela Duguid as Sam’s Mum
Erin Redpath as Rachel
Evan as Andrew (Voice)
Lesley Sim as Mother
Rebecca Bews as Young Teenager
Liam Christie as Male Nerd
Calum Menzies as Suave Nerd
Harvey Harrison as Brandon
Austyn Robb as Dad
Ester Laiho as Becky
Lynn Lukiyanova as Jessica

Prom Attendants: Calum Menzies, Rosemary MacDonald, Heather Millar, Heather Mary Ann Forster, Paul Coleman, Gavin Boxhall, Stuart Driscoll & Chris Meek

Assistant Directors: Chloe Johnson, Erin Redpath, Rhys Hunter and Shannon Carvalho

Featuring the Music
11 AM … In-Spired Production
1 Trick Pony … Nine Lives Music
Symphony Number Vibe … KPM
Just Chill … Robi
Beyond the Blue … Match

Audio Master: Megan Park

With Special Thanks to Jim Brown, Sara Stroud, Alistair Ferguson, Ryan MacFarlane, Nicci Thompson, NESCOL, John Lewis, Adriana’s Grill & Donut Shop, Plan 9 & The Beach Ballroom

Also a special thanks to KFC, Tony Zhou, Bob Ross, The Indecisive Old Man

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