Stand Up Poster

Stand Up (Or 3 1/2) (2018) – Director

On the 7th of February, 2017, a strange man sat down with a bunch of comedians. What followed was not funny.

My Thoughts on the Film

This is easily the most personal project I’ve ever made. That’s indeed obvious since the lead is literally me.

I wanted to make something which could be my statement of intent. My yardstick. Something straight from the heart about how I felt as a 20 year old.

The events as portrayed are pretty much what happened on the 27th of February, 2017. A completely insignificant anecdote to bore people with at parties. My little barely non-teen mind fell into an existential fugue. Is my life a series of boring stories?

So I decided to film that question.

Post-production was interrupted by my fourth year of my undergraduate degree. Certain things fell by the wayside, like getting a good sound mix or finishing off the score. By the time graduation rolled around, I didn’t feel like I could cope with this movie anymore. It was from a different time. That alongside some other more personal reasons, made me release this film as it is, passable.

It’s an OK film. The acting isn’t really that good and the writing could have been better, but I’m glad I got this one out my system.


Stand Up (Or 31/2follows Craig and his friends on a night out in Aberdeen after a comedy open-mic night. While Craig is away at the toilets, a drunk stranger sits in his seat. At first, they think it’s all a bit of fun. Eventually, they conclude that he’s behaving inappropriately.


Written, Directed & Edited by Craig Andrew Robertson
Assistant Director: Emma Malins
Director of Photography: Louis Martin

Sound: Eilidh Kellaway
Assistant Camera: Elizabeth Owen
Catering: Denitsa Andonova
Runner: Ann Dempster

Composition & Bass – Nick Harbourne
Guitar – Drew Erfle
Piano – Rossano Cariello

With Special Thanks to our Location
The Vulture Lounge in Aberdeen

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Sophie Ellen Buxton as Sam
Scott Christie as Scott
Phil Geddes as Phil
Sebastian Rennie as Craig
Lucy Smart as Shara
Ruairdhri Wright as Guest

Poster designed by Craig Andrew Robertson

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