Boiling Point (2015) – Director

The Most Intense 14 Minutes of your Life



A Man has an irrational fear of women keeping from going out on most days. When his laptop breaks he is forced to come into University to get some work done.During the day, he can’t stand any interaction he has with women and on his way home he believes he is followed.

The next day the repairer of his laptop, a woman, comes to his house. He cannot cope with her being there, so he murders her with a kettle.

It is only after this that he realises that she was not a threat. He is left alone in his guilt and shame.

My Thoughts on the Film


I made a few films with my family and friends before Boiling Point, but this is the first time I really took myself seriously and felt I had something to say with a film. I was still basically doing any job I could on set and I didn’t really know what I was doing.The idea germinated in school as a creative essay on a man who believed he was followed. At a brainstorming meeting with the Film Society that Roxana (my co-director who really helped keep me together) called, I brought up this idea and people pitched some points for expansion.

Everyone makes films that are too long when they start out, I feel that I finally learned my lesson after this one. It is a bit too long. I tried trimming it down later, but it still never felt right. It is also way too dark and shaky in some scenes.

I am still pleased with Boiling Point. It really was a milestone for my journey and through the production I really got to know Adam James Johnston, someone I would collaborate with in the future.



Accepted Into:

  • 8th Annual International Inter-University Short Film Festival at Dhaka University, Bangladesh
  • 2nd Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition, China
  • Post Mortem Film Festival in Mexico


  • IndustryBOOST Competition in Miami



A Film by the RGU: Film Society.Written & Directed by
Craig Andrew Robertson & Roxana SezavarStarring:
Adam Johnston as Man, Ruairdhri Wright as Ruairdhri & Rachel Nicole Williams as Laptop RepairerWith
Yousif Mukhtar, Gloria Nikolova, Lucy Axford & Hannah Dobbs

Lucy Axford, Jay Collins & Yousif Mukhtar

Location Scouts
Yousif Mukhtar & Roxana Sezavar

Blood Application
Roxana Sezavar

Edited by
Craig Andrew Robertson

Danse Macabre Op. 40 by Camille Saint-Saens
Performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra

With Special thanks to
Robert Gordon University & Flat 22 of Woolmanhill Halls

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