How to Read Lips Poster

How to Read Lips (2016) – Director

We all have to learn to face the past.

My Thoughts on the Film

Over the summer between my first and second year of University, I decided to write an art-house picture. A film that tried something I’d never seen in a film before, for better or worse.Since I hated audio editing, I decided to make a film that required no audio and instead would have dialogue replaced in post with an electronic, Stephen Hawking voice.

I think the effect worked out OK in the end.

I was still using the tape camera from the University, the big Sony Z1. I was somehow convinced that because it was bigger, it was somehow better. The tape has a certain grime to it that I like, though there still are scenes which are too dark.

The rape scene was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been while filming, but my actors were complete professionals.

There are some cool little moments in the film and I’m glad I could kind of go for broke on some artsy stuff. I am really grateful for the time and energy put in by the tiny group of people involved in the picture. I’m sure I didn’t make it clear what the film was about, but they somehow understood.

I am definitely more proud of How to Read Lips than my previous work. Who knows, with a bigger budget and a bit more experience, I could make a remake!


Miss Johnston has just moved University. She is trying to make new friends, but due to her experiences in her previous University, she feels disconnected, deafened even.Miss Johnston was in fact assaulted by a friend at her previous University and this is the cause of her pain.

Only by coming to terms with the past does she find the strength to confide with others.


Accepted Into:

  • 2nd Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition, China
  • Post Mortem Film Festival in Mexico


  • IndustryBOOST Competition in Miami


Written, Directed & Edited by Craig Andrew Robertson

Lucy Axford as Miss Johnston
Kirsten Gair as Female Student
Pete Jeffries as Pete
Andrew Cunningham as Michael Williams
Rory Buchanan as Party Host (uncredited)
Adam James Johnston as Lips (uncredited)

Produced by Adam James Johnston

Cinematography by Adam James Johnston

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven

With Special thanks to
Rory Buchanan, Rima Chaudrey, Ryan Connolly and Leon Thomas

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