Last House on CCTV Poster

Last House on CCTV (2020) – Director

Kidnapped by a sadistic real estate agent, Kim must escape her captor’s basement – and warn her husband before he becomes the next victim.


Young homeowners have no luck with the merciless housing market of today. Kim has found the perfect new home, except for one detail: the basement – and the psychotic real estate agent who wants to keep her locked in it.

Worse still, her husband is blissfully unaware of the evils that lurk in that house, and he’s due to arrive at any minute now. Can Kim save their skins and live to attend other viewings? Watch your step when you enter the Last House on CCTV. It will change the way you feel about renting.


Muireann Ni Raillaigh
Leonora Cooke
Gleb Daniels

Directed by Craig Andrew Robertson
Written & Edited by C.J. Lazaretti

Produced by Jasmine Lindemann & Yasmine Renaud
Director of Photography: Gordon J. Campbell
Assistant Camera: Kieran Colquhoun
Gaffer: Luis Maurizzio

Sound Recording: Alba Atencia de Pablo
Sound Mix: Jon Youell

Music by Aidan Smith

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